Credible Research Without (Free) Falling Down The Rabbit Hole:

Part 1 - The What And Why Of Research An article with no credible dialogue or solid research to hold it together is about as useful as a body with no skeletal structure. Impossible to stand up, move around, and unable to articulate to different places and points in time. Part 2 - The How Cast your mind back to school, college and university days. There were often classes describing the positives and negatives of research methodology–and here we are again, back in that chalk-dusted environment, waiting for the bell to ring, and the stampede to flatten the slow or satchel laden.

Blockchain Will Upgrade the Internet of Things Into the Economy of Things

Blockchain, as a conceptual system, is deeply interwoven with the idea and systems of cryptocurrency; however, these two are not mutually exclusive. Cryptocurrencies use blockchain ledger concepts within their systems; and yet, blockchain itself can be used for so much more. The Internet of Things, and the fast approaching Economy of Things are data-led, ‘intelligent’ arenas which have the potential to draw images of SmartCities, and inter-communicative devices from our minds into reality.

Five Ways to Cut Down Your Localization Costs & Drive Translation Efficiency

Translation doesn’t Have to Break the Bank The necessity for translation is ever-growing, and with that comes an increase in anxiety for the business translation budget holder. We all want to make our services as accessible as possible, so how can we achieve this with as much gain for the customer as for the finance department? Translation efficiency is the key to this conundrum, and a focus on working smart will correlate to reduced translation costs.

Meta Architecture – How to Design a Website: Step by Step

Great web design begins with planning and creating a brand-aligned strategy. Get the solid foundation sorted and your new architectural coding will stand up against the most volatile, stormy web weather, with strength and grace. Time spent researching competitors and general interest sites are time well spent. It will show you what works and what doesn’t. You are both customer and business in life, so maximize these positions to your advantage.

Bot Ex Machina: ad fraud losses in Southeast Asian FinTech and eCommerce

Ad fraud is an expensive global phenomenon. With projected losses of $5.8 billion USD globally for the 2019 financial year, it is evident that this style of criminal activity is extremely lucrative for technically competent, corrupt organisations. And make no mistake – these are exceptionally well organised, well set up systems. Nowhere has been harder hit than Asia Pacific countries (APAC), and Southeast Asia (SEA) in particular.

The Threat Of Quantum Computing - Revain

Financial institutions, the Internet, and organisations that rely on traditional cryptography are undergoing a radical crisis of confidence under the threat of quantum computing (QC), and they are looking for new ways to protect blockchain technology from potential attack. The possibility of cyberattacks occurring grows increasingly imminent and in the same breath, previous estimates of the time scale for functional quantum computers are continually being brought forward.

The Web Design Process | Web Design & Development Experts

Nothing happens by accident. The unveiling of a new site for a client is a moment for congratulations and celebration but was not arrived at by fate or fancy. To get to the point where the client is quite simply bowled over by the brilliant new piece of coded architecture, many have employed hard work and perseverance, sweat and concentration. So how is this process achieved–what is the web design process?
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